This blog has always been a reflection of my relationship to writing. We started out in that puppy love phase that was so exciting and energetic, ideas scattered and thrown together and worth staying up until 3am for. Then I found that I could let my walls down and work things out that I just couldn’t anywhere else. Somewhere I didn’t need to censor myself and I could just show up exactly how I was. It eventually became more serious as I grew confidence- a solid foundation which I could build my life upon – and then we grew distant, distracted by the rest of the world. This space will always be a place for me to explore my relationship with writing, and that changes constantly as much as the world around us changes.

We’ve been through a global pandemic, I’ve been diagnosed with and learnt to handle a rare neurological disease, and taken a leap into my communications career, with some really exciting prospects up ahead. It’s been an intense year, but things are looking brighter and with that (I hope) comes a new lease of creativity for me to splash across the pages. Take a look around if you like. Who knows what you’ll find.