Feeling Free


Freedom, to me, means being authentic and choices that are real and not being inhibited, by society, relationships, work, or anything else. It’s grounding and exciting all at the same time. I feel it whenever I’m near the sea. The ocean is this big, all encompassing, unforgiving creature that I could just walk into and disappear. Sure, people would be sad for a while, but the world would go on. Ultimately, nothing would change and the ocean would certainly be no different. The idea that I’m so small and insignificant for me makes me feel free. I can be unapologetically me and make mistakes and the tide would never change.
Past basic bodily functions, nothing is real. Religion, morality, law, emotions, it’s all constructed by our mind. Nothing is real or tangible, and nothing means anything. But it means that we can change those constructs. When we say something we do genuinely believe it; “I love you”, “I hate you”. We really think it’s true but it’s not because it’s all made up. So, we can change it, the same way as when someone does something to us we can change how we think of them. We can change how we think about anything, how we feel about anything and when you really believe that, you become free. These constructs are open to corruption, which is what people don’t realise. They think that their childhood and traumas that they’ve experienced mean something and affect them beyond their control but these things can’t affect us unless we choose to let them. Don’t get me wrong, it’s fucking difficult to over come those things sometimes, but it’s possible. It’s hard work and it’s exciting. Moving forward and shedding all that weight is freedom.
I forget this sometimes myself, so at a point where I was really suffering with my mental health but really wanted to recover, I got a tattoo. It’s a silly thing but it reminds me of this feeling that I have right now. A feeling that I can do anything and that I can be truly happy if I stop getting in my own way.

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