I Have Zero Selfie Game



Social media is a weird thing. I love seeing what my friends are up to, use it to find out about events and giggle at the worst memes around. I kind of glaze over the bikini bodies, the food pictures and the minute to minute statuses. They don’t impact my day. There are so many people that find them toxic and scroll through the meaningless bullshit soaking in every post and I think that is poisonous. There is plenty of evidence out there that suggests that the more time online you spend, the more miserable you are in your life. I’m surprised actually, how little people are willing to accept that fact. Online companies do a tiny bit of work, but social media is like a gateway drug to the pro-ana websites, porn addiction, online bullying. But all that is for another day. Let’s just have a think about all the Lucy’s and Emily’s and Matt’s on your feed for a moment. Average people.


All the comparisons and competition and pure fucking effort people put into every post is impossible to live up to. I try so so hard not to judge people in life. My mom brought me up to question things and have compassion, take people for who there are and not what they look like or where they come from. But honestly, in my raw form, I can’t lie; I judge those fabulously filtered people posting a selfie every day. How. Fucking. Boring. And I judge people that don’t question it. I’ve worked really hard on liking myself and turns out, news flash, I’m pretty awesome. No one’s perfect, but I like who I am. I’m a good person with some kind of sense of humour, intelligence and a body that I’ve fallen in love with because it provides for me. So, it doesn’t come from jealousy. I love lifting people up and if you feel great then 100% snap it and post it honey, but who feels that great every single day? Nope. I just see the sad. The need for social acceptance and likes on likes.


It irritates me that people enable that kind of living. People keep liking the pictures, dating the people based on their copious selfies on dating apps and fuelling the bullshit culture that it creates. People are so judgemental these days (me included apparently). No amount of likes or matches are going to make you happy. It’s the new crack. People need to find a way to fulfil their own needs without outside validation constantly, but I can understand that it’s difficult when there’s a shiny piece of metal which fits so snugly in your hand, that’s feeding your addiction constantly. There’s a big difference between feeling connected to people and having anonymous usernames telling you that you’re a success story. You can be a failure with all the shares in the world and a success in your room at home by yourself, none of it means anything if you aren’t confident in who you are.


I like little changes. I think that little things can make a big difference. So my little thing today is that I’m going to stop enabling this kind of culture in my little life and start speaking about it more so that at least the people in my circle think about it a little more. Fair warning here to the people in my life: next guy to show me a profile of a girl he met online who has has a million pictures from that “myspace” angle and a filter for every mood, you’re gonna get a lot of questions. Asking questions can be a little thing that makes a big difference, and that’s one thing I can encourage. Also no, I will not stop posting selfies, and yes, they probably won’t be filtered and will, absolutely, without a doubt, have stupid faces. Enjoy!

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